Making Price Lines Optional in a Sales Quote

On a case-to-case basis, it may be useful to let customers decide between different products or services before approving a sales quote. This can be achieved by grouping price lines and setting them as optional (multiple-choice or single-choice). This user guide topic shows how to set price lines as “optional” in a price table.

Create or edit a sales quote, in your Pricing section, click on the + button and select Price Table, as shown below.

To add extra price item lines to your price table, use the Add Price Row button or the Product Catalogue Content Library.

Group these price lines; this can be achieved by adding a sub-heading. Click on the first price line row and then click on the Add Section Heading button. A sub-heading will be added above the price lines.

To show the Sub-Heading options, hover over the sub-header bar and click on the three dots to the right of the row. The options will then be displayed. Select Options.

This will prompt the Options screen to pop up.

Toggle the switch for Pricing Rows Are Optional to make the price lines optional, as shown below.

The next step is to decide if you would allow your customer to select multiple price lines or only one price line within this group of price options.

Toggle on the switch to your preferred setting; In our example below, we have selected Single Choice, i.e. letting the customer choose only one price line item in this price group.

Ensure you Save your settings.

If you wish for your customer to be able to select multiple price lines, toggle the Single Choice switch; it will then change to Multiple Choice and be displayed as green.

You will now see check boxes (if you have chosen multiple-choice) or a radio button/s (for single choice). In our example below, you can see both multiple-choice and single choice options. By default, these options remain unselected (not ticked).

The final step is to decide if you want to have none, one, some, or all of your price options selected (for multiple-choice price line options or a default selected price option for single-choice price options).

Tick the price option(s) you want to be selected when your customer first reads your sales quote; in our example below, we have selected both price items for multiple-choice options and Price Item 2 for the single choice option.

Toggle on Preview to view the resulting price table options.

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