Sales Quote Template Page Style Settings

When creating a sales quote template, you can override the default company-wide page style settings; this feature allows you to be specific on how you want your sales quote template to look.

This guide will explain the available settings.

First, edit one of your existing sales quote templates (or create a sale quote template from one of your existing sales quotes click here to learn how to create a sales quote template).

To edit an existing sales quote template, click on the Content Libraries menu on the Sales Quote Dashboard, and select the menu option Templates (as shown below).

Click on the Edit button next to the corresponding sales quote template that you want to change.

In the left side column (the section tabs), click on the first section on your sales quote (the Cover Page section, as shown in the screenshot below).

There is a column of icons on the right-hand side of the page; these are the different types of settings available.

Cover Pages Settings

Click on the icon labelled Cover. You can also bring up these options by selecting ... More on the right-hand panel and clicking Cover Settings. 

The Cover option will allow you to set a default cover page image and adjust the styling of the information blocks on the cover page.

To select a cover page image, scroll through the available cover page images and click on the preferred default for this sales quote template.  If they choose, sales consultants can change the cover page from this default when they create sales quotes using this sales quote template.

If you want to add to the available cover page images, click here to learn how this is done.

Next, click on the Preview Custom Layout option, as shown below.

Here you can customise the cover page the way you like it.

In this instance, we have selected the cogs on a row.

We now have options that we can modify of each section (as shown below).

On each section, you can change margins, padding and borders to your desired settings.

You can change text, add data items, change colours and add images.

You can perform these actions anywhere you like on the entire cover page.

  • More detailed information here on adjusting fonts and colours.
  • More detailed information here on adjusting rows and columns.
  • More detailed information here on adjusting backgrounds and colours.
  • More detailed information here on adjusting margins and padding.
  • More detailed information here on adjusting background images.
  • More detailed information here on inserting text blocks.
  • More detailed information here on drag & dropping content blocks.
  • More detailed information here on inserting images.
  • More detailed information here on hiding content.

Now let's explore Page Settings, on the right of your page, click ... More and select Page Settings.

Here you can adjust the below page settings for your template:

  • Page Size
  • Orientation
  • Headings & Fonts
  • Content Spacing
  • Tabs
  • Table Settings

Headings & Fonts

The Headings & Fonts section allows you to adjust the type of text content described by the label. Click on the section dropdown and you will see the available options displayed as shown below.

The available settings in text area are:

Border & Content Spacing - Section Heading only

Font - Select the font face for your text in sales quotes using this sales quote template.

Size - Select the font size for your text in sales quotes using this sales quote template.

Line Height - Adjust the line height you wish to use for the specific heading &/or body text.

Heading Case - This option allows you to specify if your headings will automatically be capitalised, uppercase, or none.

Font Colour - Use this colour selector to set the colour for body text.

Font Underline & Bold - Headings only

Paragraph Spacing - Body Text only

Content Settings

Content settings provide you the flexibility to adjust padding and margin spacings throughout your template layout, as well as column spacings. This is measured in px.

Tab Style Setting

The Section Navigation Tabs allow the customer to skip to a section of interest rather than scrolling down the page, particularly useful if your sales quotes contain a lengthy amount of information. These are the tabs that appear on the left-hand side of the sales quote when a customer is viewing the quote in a web browser (not applicable to the PDF version of a sales quote). 

As shown below, there are five available tab styles; click on the check box of the tab style to use for this sales quote template.

If you are unable to see the Tab Settings option on this screen, ensure that the Show Tabs toggle is on (displays green when active).

You will now be able to select Tab Settings to customise your template.

Table Settings

The final option in the Page Settings area for sales quote templates, is to set the look of the tables.

As shown below, there are six available table styles; click on the check box of the tab style to use for this sales quote template.

You are able to customise these table styles further by clicking on the grid icon to the right of your selected table style, then click on the pen icon.

Here you are given the option to specify a custom border, header text, header background, first column text, first column background colours, as well as alternative row and column background colours.

Ensure you remember to click Save to keep your sales quote template settings.

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